Mecca Cafe Ads Booze to Go

In our effort to get you what you need in this crazy time, we’re now offering a variety of local craft beers, and a few not-so-local brews, on tap for you to choose from and take home in either a 32-oz or 64-oz growler, along with some of our home cooked comfort food, and a broad selection of items from our pop up grocery store. 

Our always-thinking-of-new-ways-to-create-more-work-for-us-owner David Meinert, decided that since we can’t let you into the bar, we’ll let you take the bar with you. So we now offer booze to go, including ‘mixed’ drinks (you mix them at home) and growlers. Check out the best booze to go takeout menu in Seattle

Mecca Cafe Owner David Meinert says “Drink at Home” until you can come back to the bar!

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